Today one of the best means of security for your residence or business is live CCTV monitoring. Typically criminals and vandals target residential areas and small businesses. CCTV systems not only deter criminals and vandals, they are also virtually impenetrable. Unlike in the movies where there is always a “blind spot” real CCTV security cameras are setup specifically to cover another cameras “blind spot” ensuring continuous surveillance of an entire area.

Because it provides remote real time monitoring you are able to keep an eye on employees as well as what’s going on at home. The latest CCTV solutions offer high quality cameras coupled with network connectivity, alarm triggers and backup via a network interface. With a system capable of real time viewing, recording, backwards play, slow play and switching cameras, CCTV monitoring has never been easier.

Iqhawe Protection Services has secured ourselves as the trusted security company is KZN. Situated in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal we offer a range of service capable of catering to ever increasing security requirements. Known for our advanced and secure CCTV monitoring systems.

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We have made it our mission to take on crime in South Africa by combating the safety issues we face.
As South Africans it is up to us to make the safety of our loved ones and our belongings our top priority. There is no better way to ensure safety than by partnering with a service provider such as Iqhawe.


Live Cams

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